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Partners & Sponsors

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Partners & Sponsors

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Partnership Letter

Dr. Sheka & Dr. Nanah Mansaray are thankful for your consideration of partnering with Faith Embassy International Miniseries, Sheka Mansaray Ministries and Nanah Mansaray Miniseries. We do not take such a covenant relationship lightly. It’s our partners’ commitment and donations that ensure we’re able to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the utmost parts of the world. We are most grateful for our relationship with these leaders, supporters, and friends of the ministry. As we grow together spiritually, I want you to see where we’ve come from, and where God is taking us.


Together, I’m sure we can impact the world and accomplish marvelous things to the glory of God. Remember that the Lord will reward each one of us for the good we do, whether we are slaves or free- Eph. 6:8 Ministry partners are those who have dedicated themselves to giving financially monthly.

Many of us have been in partnership with the work of God for years, but have lived far below what is available to us simply due to a lack of knowledge. Partnership isn’t a one-time event.



It’s a growing, thriving commitment where we both share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and spread the cause of Christ and further God’s Kingdom. We haven’t fully understood the purpose or the benefits of the role partnership have in God’s plan. What we make happen for others, God will make happen for us. The Ephesians 6:8 Principle Any time we begin to invest our money or labor into God’s work, we not only become partners in investment, but also in return we invest in our self’s, for every person who is saved, Spirit-filled, healed, or set free, a portion of that is credited to us in direct relation to our investment.


That means when the ministry we’ve invested into grows – we grow! When the ministry prospers – we prosper! In partnering with us, you’ll be distinguishing yourself as someone committed to Faith Embassy International Miniseries, Sheka Mansaray Ministries and Nanah Mansaray Miniseries and one who shares its vision to save the lost, help the hurting, and spread the Gospel.


Upon partnering with Faith Embassy International Miniseries, Sheka Mansaray Ministries and Nanah Mansaray Miniseries. Faith Embassy International ministries, we are Looking to Birth a Vison “ Mega Faith TV/Radio online” we’ll send you a Partner Welcome Kit, which includes a few resources to help further explain our relationship with one another, and give the history of Faith Embassy International Ministries, Sheka mansaray Ministries and Nanah Mansaray Ministries & Mega Faith  TV/Radio online. We are co-laborers, co-workers, and therefore, co-receivers along with those into whom we’ve invested.


God has a system on which He has established His entire kingdom – and that is the law of sowing and reaping. When we sow into God’s system, we can expect to reap a great harvest! Aside from the investment you are making as a monthly partner with Faith Embassy International, & Mega Faith TV/Radio online will regularly shares the vision of the ministry, recent developments and where we are headed in the plan of God. We appreciate all those who partner with us in the work of the Gospel. We love you and pray for you daily. Thank you for your prayers and for investing your precious seed into this last day’s ministry. We are in agreement with you for a great return on your giving (Luke 6:38)if you are interested in becoming a partner let us know by sending a message God bless.

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