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Women's Ministry

Welcome to the “Faith Embassy International 

World Wide” Women Ministry


The Women ministry is for spiritual growth and encouragement, Equip and train up women to serve others in the church, community through Bible studies, mentoring and discipleship, retreats and special events. 


We are committed to a global gospel – extending the whole gospel to the whole world. Through global partnerships and our own missionary team, we make and deepen disciples, start and strengthen churches, develop leaders, and love mercy and do justice.

We are focusing our events and programs to help us put into practice the biblical principles that will ensure spiritual growth, and also we want to offer opportunities for women to connect with other women in the church.  

We believe in growing in Biblical Womanhood. Biblical womanhood simply means living our lives by biblical principles instead of being deceived by the world’s idea of what a woman should be. 


Making Disciples


We are committed to reach people with new life in Christ, and then to help them grow deeper in Christ. It is a lifelong journey of faith. 

Strengthen the Church


We are committed to start and strengthen healthy. We believe the  church is God’s basic strategy to carry out mission in the world.


Develop Great Leaders

We are committed to our clergy, through investing in their ongoing personal and professional growth. We also see very real opportunities to expand the training of our laity. In multiple venues we seek to develop all leaders or the church – both clergy and lay.

The Love of God, His mercy and Justice


We are committed to pursuing compassion and justice through our world. From our inception the Covenant has been concerned with helping hurting people (love mercy), and addressing the causes of that hurt (do justice). From a biblically rooted perspective, we provide tangible ways of extending the love of Jesus in deed as well as work, and speak as an advocate.


Severing Global Gospel


We also believe you’re a daughter of God, a holy princes, a woman created with strengths, you’ve yet to fully grasp, and a story that’s still being written by the divine author Himself.  There’s no stopping Him in you, and He’s got bigger plans for your life than you’ve even imagined. We need each other in order to grow strong in Christ, Join us and see what God will do in your life, Jesus is Lord.

(WOW) Women of Worth: Conformance

The Coming together of WOW is the development and committed to advancing for women and Empower women of from all walks of life to know God’s kingdom. (WOW)  Women Of Worth will be equip  to grow, serve, and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Training, share of opportunities, the Women Of Worth connects women transformation relationships and unites them in Christ to impact their family and the world.

Our Mission

Women of Worth is a conference is woman conference that Proclaim good news of freedom to all His captive daughters around the world of all ages.We believe with the power of God and His word we can awaken the Sleeping Beauty’s. To remind you of what Christ has already done for you and that as an heir, you no longer have to live like a slave. many women seem to have it all together outwardly, but inside they are a wreck. Their past has broken, crushed, and wounded them inwardly. They can be healed. God has a plan, and Isaiah 61 reveals that the Lord came to heal the brokenhearted. He wants to heal victims of abuse and emotional wounding. victim of the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse she suffered as a child.


Our Vision


Our vision is to comfort the broken hearts. To remind you that you’re not alone.
To remind you that you are a beautiful in Glory and in God’s hand and are being daily transformed by His splendor. You have heard the words “modest” and “fashion” paired together. To encourage you to keep going and that every sacrifice is worth it all in the end. we encourage you to become the best YOU that you can be, for His glory.

Our Core Value


To remind you how loved you are. To let you know that you are beautiful. And most importantly, this page here to say that you don’t have to conform to the design of this world. Like Esther, we have won favor in the eyes of the King, our father in heaven, and he has equipped us with the ability to do whatever he asks of us, even if it seems impossible. He has placed us in the position we are in for a PURPOSE. As women we can often feel insecure about our meaning, as to why we’re here on this earth and often question our worth. But little do we know that there is a magnificent plan in heaven unfolding behind every little detail and area of our lives.

And when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, she won favor in his sight, and he held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Then Esther approached and touched the tip of the scepter.” – Esther 5:2 God knows what he’s doing, in time the answer we’ve been willing so much to know will be revealed to us, and we will finally understand why we had to go through a certain season or trial in our lives. There are no mistakes, and there is no wasted time in God’s eyes. Even if it is or was a painful situation he always uses it for his glory. We just have to TRUST him. Be it the hard school years, family situations, an illness, or any other arrow from the enemy that has been put in our way.

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