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Executive Pastor

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Dr. Nanah Mansaray
Dr. Nanah Mansaray

First lady Pastor/Prophetess Dr. Nanah Mansaray is an anointed woman of God, who is the Wife of Archbishop Dr. Sheka Mansaray. She is a Mother to three children, Faith, Sheka Jr & Joseph Mansaray. First lady Nanah is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and a Registered Nurse. She is the Founder of (WOW) “Women of Worth" and "Miss Modesty-wow”, which is a mandate to teach, inspire,  raise and equip women for spiritual growth, through encouragement of the Word of God, Bible studies, evangelism, mentorship, discipleship, retreats, special events, prayer meeting programs and her God-given gift.

She is also the Founder of Nanah Mansaray Ministries, Co-founder of Faith Embassy International Ministries (Revelation Church), and Co-Founder of Mega Faith Charity. She passionate about wining souls for the kingdom of God She believes in building everyone and no one left behind. She also believes, the people of God, should have the four levels of M.P.S.S added (Mental, Physical, Spiritual and social) to take them higher for the purpose of God. She is on the mission of spreading the good news of the Lord


She is also focus on teaching women and children’s minds.

Physically, through compassion. to have woman and children’s basic needs met. Spiritually, through evangelism, reaching women and children for Christ.

Socially, through discipleship & conferences to strengthen women and children’s in faith.



Dr. Nanah Mansaray is committed to supporting her Husband in spreading the good news of the Lord, to strengthen men, women and children around the world.  


She also see’s real opportunities to expand the teaching of  Christ to multiple venues.

she seeks to develop women in pursuing compassion and justice of the Lord through the global gospel.

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