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Faith Embassy International Ministries

                    Revelation Church

IMPORTANT: The baptism classes are for adults only. Parents can attend if they want, children, even babies in strollers, are allowed. If you bring children to the class, you will not be turned away and if you need to leave you can also reschedule your class on another date. This may impact the date of your baptism.


I have read and understand the requirements of the baptism class __________ Family & Friends play an important role in the life of a Person. You who are being must understand that Baptism is a very special day. Baptism is the important in the life of the believer at Revelation Church.


As such, it is the gateway into the Christian life. This Approval can only be celebrated once in a person's life, making it a day to be remembered. The Church follows requirements regarding parents / Families. These are not a judgment on other people, but rather a way to ensure that you are baptized into the Church . one Lord, one faith, one baptism;Ephesians 4:5

All baptism are: at least 16 years old or older fully initiated into Revelation Church (have received Approved of Baptism) also most show you are in good standing with the Revelation Church may be requested.


Families is acceptable; if four or more family members are chosen to come. Please be able to listed them in the Church Register as a " Witness."


I have read and understand the requirements for Baptism Class and provide the information below to the best of my knowledge. 

Thanks for submitting!

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